Henry Damon Wanted To Look Like A Marvel Villain, So He Had His Nose Removed, Photos Of His Transformation

Everybody aspires for a hero. The good guy is preferred by some people while others prefer to have a desire for the villain. Many people are pleased to admire their hero from some distance, on the other hand very few want to become their favorite heroes. So what shall be done to become your own hero?

Extreme plastic surgery
Tattooing eyeballs
Dying their skin
You will see one man in this gallery below, who have done an incredible transformation and you would hardly believe on your eyes.

Henry Damon who is 37 years old had a burning desire to look like his favorite character. Marvel Comics Supervillain, Red Skull. He always loved the character since his childhood and to undergo his transformation he had first to pass a series of psychological and physical tests.

#1. In this picture below you can see his natural state, this one is before undergoing the transformation process. After he met Emilio Gonzalez who specializes in tattooing and extreme body surgery he saw the opportunity to start his physical modifications.

#2. With a series of sub-dermal implants, Damon began his transformation that would help him produce an authentic Red Skull frame.

#3. He is so obsessed with tattooing that he tattoed the whites of eyes black. Certainly, Damon has a taste for extreme body alterations.

#4. The removal of a section of his nose was the most extreme surgical maneuver he underwent. It was done to copy the nose of Red skull.

#5. His old friends said: For a very long time Damon’s has been wanting to be like Red Skull . 

 #6. His transformation hasn’t stopped here yet. He’ll be getting cheek, chin and cheekbone implants in the next step. Then his entire face will be tattooed red and black.

#7. So what is your opinion about his transformation? In case you have watched movie you’re perhaps in awe of how much like the supervillain he looks. 

#8. You will be shocked by Herbert Chavez’s transformation in Superman as he had undergone 23 surgeries. 


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